beach miami - 8 Tourist Attractions to Visit in Florida

8 Tourist Attractions to Visit in Florida

Many families like to go on vacation altogether and many times they’re undecided about where to go, maybe go to a forest, beaches, parks or any particular tourist site. And if you’re in Florida particularly, here we bring you some tourist attractions to visit without spending a lot:

Miami Beach And The Art Deco Historic District

It’s a place that became historic in Miami, the perfect place to vacation and enjoy the excellent and famous Miami Beach, as well as enjoying the incredible view of the district that will give you that vibes of the 90s.

disney - 8 Tourist Attractions to Visit in Florida

Walt Disney World Resort

It’s one of the most visited sites in the United States, especially by families who have a child or adolescent.

Even visiting Disney has become the dream of many young people, because the attractions that it has been based on things that many have grown up seeing as the castle of the princesses. You can also find great attractions such as the famous Animal Kingdom Park, Disney Hollywood Studios and many more.

Salvador Dalí Museum

Salvador Dalí is one of the most famous painters in history, and in St. Petersburg you will find an art museum in his honor where you will find various works of the painter, as well as a very attractive glass structure and other incredible interior and exterior designs.

Everglades National Park

This park is one of the most visited in Florida, as it functions as a swamp where you will find different alligators, crocodiles, panthers, and many natural species as well. With a river that surrounds the area and you can enjoy it by taking a boat ride to see the different animals.

San Marcos Castle

It’s a historic place located in San Agustin, Florida that you can definitely enjoy. Full of so much historical wealth that you will be able to surprise you, with a medieval structure, surrounded by water and with some things inside that belonged since the 1500s that inhabited it the Spaniards and Cubans.

snorkel - 8 Tourist Attractions to Visit in Florida

Dry Tortugas National Park

This park is one of the most beautiful, formed by a group of islands that you can fully enjoy with a spectacular sea and various activities to do such as snorkeling, sailing, kayaking, diving and much more. It also has many tourist places to visit such as the lighthouse or the camping.

Universal Studios

It’s a well-known amusement park where you will find hundreds of places recreated in the movies produced by Universal such as Harry Potter, Minions, the Simpsons, ET, and many others. In addition to having also a water park that is the most fun.

Seaworld Orlando

SeaWorld is another very popular amusement park, but with a different touch to what you will find at Disneyworld or Universal.

Here you can enjoy and swim with dolphins, besides knowing other types of marine animals such as whales, penguins or lions, through different shows and exhibitions offered. You can also enjoy the amusement park that contains several roller coasters as the best known, Atlantis.

Florida is really a place that’s full of very attractive, fun and interesting places to visit. Any of these attractions would be a trip that possibly wouldn’t go so expensive and that you would enjoy the same way that traveling farther.

Residential Boat House Designs

boat houses plumbing - Residential Boat House Designs

Boat House Construction to increase your home value

If you are going to have a boat house built within the next week or so, and are exploring the different ideas of adding rooms (such as toilet and sink) to a newly built structure like a boat garage to keep the boat from getting damaged by natural disasters or criminals.

You will want to do your planning with a plumber as they can work with your designer who is handling the new construction. If you’re not yet in contact with a plumber, do not overlook this step. A lot of new construction companies will sub out the plumbing to one of their contractors which can result in a sub-par company coming and doing the work. You wan’t only the best insured, knowledge and respectable companies.

Here are THREE tips to keep in mind when constructing a boat house in Florida.

#1 What is the code for your municipality? Very few cities will approve any sort of floor drain in the garage of your boat house. You most likely will need a poured concrete “curb” to separate bathroom from the rest of the existing garage. That would be a good idea even if not required.

#2 What type of climate are you located in? In the united states there are many places where you wont want a unconditioned bathroom area. This would be completely gross when it is summer and everyone is swimming.

#3 Resale value of your property. A completed “boat house” will be something that you like and want. A buyer on the other hand may see that as a purchasing plus. If they can afford the extra maintenance that goes along with having a boat house, and also the added requirements, such as owning a boat to put inside the garage. If you live in a boating area such as Lake Windermere in the West Orlando area this won’t be a disadvantage as most properties do not come with complete boat houses with plumbing. If you want to add a boat house in or around 32810, call a Orlando Plumber and new construction company to assist with your project.


How To Winterize Your Boat House Bathroom

When the period comes to shut off your boat house, you will also need to winterize your boat house bathroom. You will have to drain out all the water from each and every one of the fixtures in your properties boat house bathroom so they don’t freeze and crack from the below negative, intense, freezing weather.

You will definitely want to cut off the main source for your water supply to the boat house. Majority of boat houses have a main water supply, this will power all of the plumbing fixtures inside the establishment. Even in the Florida weather you still will have a surplus of cold weather that can cause severe damage to your boat house. Orlando Florida lake front homes get cold drafts from October to around February. This is the time you will want to consult a Orlando Plumber to assist in your Boat house plumbing needs. You will want to research the internet and local municipality boards to find the most reputable plumber in Central Florida.

boat sail - 3 Destinations for Boat Owners in Florida

3 Destinations for Boat Owners in Florida

There is no doubt that Florida is a tropical paradise. It is the delight of numerous sea enthusiasts, who, for most of the year, enjoy all that its coasts have to offer. It is also very well known that the Sunshine State offers numerous first-class tourist attractions and accommodations for boat owners all over its extensive coastlines.

Boating is one of the favorite activities of Floridians and visitors alike, and there is a good reason for that. The state counts not only on its natural beauty in the form of numerous nature reserves and parks, but it also has a high-end infrastructure to enjoy yachting, fishing, docking, and other related activities.

However, given the size of the Sunshine State, it can seem daunting at first to know what places to visit first. Thankfully, even among the great variety, there are 3 destinations that are way above the average in terms of luxury, activities and general leisure.

miami - 3 Destinations for Boat Owners in Florida


Yes, the city itself is a tourist wonderland. It has the shops, it has the beaches, and it has the nightlife. It is also a great place for boating.

The first-class marinas, the ample and high-end docking infrastructure, the inland waterways that facilitates never having to really leave your boat, and its incredible waters are just one of the reasons Miami is one of the preferred boating destinations in the whole of the United States.

Also, Miami is a great place to plan a boat trip to the Bahamas, which is only 25 miles south.


Did you know that the largest estuary in Florida and one of the best places for boating is Tampa Bay? It is not only that the city is known for catering to the cruising enthusiasts, but that the place has access to numerous natural beauties you should not be missing on your boat trip.

Want to see the 19th-century fort? There is one at Egmont Key. Feeling for some island crystalline beaches? Caladesi Island is one of the very few state parks in which you can dock comfortably. In fact, the number of islands you can visit in just a short trip is as mindblowing as enjoying the sunset while relaxing on the Gulf Coast.

florida - 3 Destinations for Boat Owners in Florida

The Florida Keys

Nothing screams boating and water sports like these beloved and very famous archipelago.

Key Largo is famous for its scuba diving opportunities, as many adventurous divers usually have fun exploring its shipwrecks and incredibly biodiverse reefs. For experienced fishermen, there is also Islamorada, which is one of the most popular places in the world for deep-sea fishing and sports fishing.

Of course, there is no talking about the Keys that does not end in the mention of the iconic Key West. Idyllic sunsets, white sand, crystal-clear water, world-class snorkeling, wild nightlife, and all-around hyper-luxury experience, and no visit to the Keys is completed without setting foot in this beautiful place.

If you are as crazy for boating as we are, start planning your trip to these 3 spots at the Sunshine State. You will never regret it.