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Hello! My name is Jeffrey Hadden. About five years ago I changed the cold and stuffy Midwest for life in Sunny Florida, and there is not a day I don’t I ask myself “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” The tropical weather is marvelous, there are activities you can enjoy all year round, and the best part, I get to live the life I had always wanted to live: the boat life!

Yes, besides becoming a hardcore Floridian, I’m also a proud owner of a small boat. It isn’t super luxurious, but I’m just a simple guy who loves the sea, the natural beauty of the reefs and the beaches, and the peace that comes from sitting still and feeling the ocean breeze.

The reason I started this blog is that I want to motivate those who want to buy a boat, and sail crystal clear waters into the sunset, to really do it. In my five years of living for and doing everything on my boat, I have accumulated a lot of useful tips and tricks to help you achieve just what I did, even if it is only for a weekend.

I want to add that in those five years I also took the time to explore all the places in Florida and the East Coast where my boat has been able to take me, so you will see me listing some of my best experiences with the hopes you might follow in my footsteps, or, better yet, get your creative juices flowing and plan your very own sea adventures.

If you are as passionate about boats and the sea as I am, please stay tuned, and share this with whomever you know that might appreciate the inspiration to embrace boat owning or boat living. Truly, the sea has been one of the greatest things to have happened to me. It opened my eyes to the importance of living for yourself, to enjoy the present and to be less fuzzy about what life should be. Travel with me, take notes and, hopefully, one day we will meet at the docks one day!