Residential Boat House Designs

boat houses plumbing - Residential Boat House Designs

Boat House Construction to increase your home value

If you are going to have a boat house built within the next week or so, and are exploring the different ideas of adding rooms (such as toilet and sink) to a newly built structure like a boat garage to keep the boat from getting damaged by natural disasters or criminals.

You will want to do your planning with a plumber as they can work with your designer who is handling the new construction. If you’re not yet in contact with a plumber, do not overlook this step. A lot of new construction companies will sub out the plumbing to one of their contractors which can result in a sub-par company coming and doing the work. You wan’t only the best insured, knowledge and respectable companies.

Here are THREE tips to keep in mind when constructing a boat house in Florida.

#1 What is the code for your municipality? Very few cities will approve any sort of floor drain in the garage of your boat house. You most likely will need a poured concrete “curb” to separate bathroom from the rest of the existing garage. That would be a good idea even if not required.

#2 What type of climate are you located in? In the united states there are many places where you wont want a unconditioned bathroom area. This would be completely gross when it is summer and everyone is swimming.

#3 Resale value of your property. A completed “boat house” will be something that you like and want. A buyer on the other hand may see that as a purchasing plus. If they can afford the extra maintenance that goes along with having a boat house, and also the added requirements, such as owning a boat to put inside the garage. If you live in a boating area such as Lake Windermere in the West Orlando area this won’t be a disadvantage as most properties do not come with complete boat houses with plumbing. If you want to add a boat house in or around 32810, call a Orlando Plumber and new construction company to assist with your project.


How To Winterize Your Boat House Bathroom

When the period comes to shut off your boat house, you will also need to winterize your boat house bathroom. You will have to drain out all the water from each and every one of the fixtures in your properties boat house bathroom so they don’t freeze and crack from the below negative, intense, freezing weather.

You will definitely want to cut off the main source for your water supply to the boat house. Majority of boat houses have a main water supply, this will power all of the plumbing fixtures inside the establishment. Even in the Florida weather you still will have a surplus of cold weather that can cause severe damage to your boat house. Orlando Florida lake front homes get cold drafts from October to around February. This is the time you will want to consult a Orlando Plumber to assist in your Boat house plumbing needs. You will want to research the internet and local municipality boards to find the most reputable plumber in Central Florida.

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